One of the first really wonderful stories I had heard about the healing powers of CBD was that of Charlotte Figi. After only about 3 months of life, it was discovered that Charlotte suffered from a rare form of epilepsy, one that even a heavy cocktail of drugs would not be able to control. At five years of age her physical and mental health was deteriorating considerably due to her condition, as well as from the side effects gained by filling her body with failed cures. Her parents then turned to some low THC and high CBD cannabis oil as their last resort, despite all of the public and personal feelings of disapproval. Thankfully though, the cannabidiol in her system turned out to be a key fitting into a lock; after developing an oral CBD dosing schedule, Charlotte became free of her hourly seizure attacks, experiencing only infrequent episodes, usually during sleep.  After CBD, the Figi’s found out what Charlotte’s laughter sounded like. And, after the Figi’s gave CBD a chance, their daughter experienced tranquility in her life, for pretty much the first time ever.        

In addition to curing rare epilepsy in children, other stories I had heard about CBD also revolved around healing other callous and devastating illnesses. I had heard of Rick Simpson and his Phoenix Tears that devoured tumors, along with apparently thousands of individuals claiming that CBD oil had freed them entirely from cancer. I watched a viral video of a man with Parkinson’s disease, whose violent and completely debilitating tremor disappeared after a few minutes of dosing with cannabis. I also have had a special interest in paying attention to Montel Williams and his advocacy for using cannabis products to treat Multiple Sclerosis, so therefore, I was also fairly aware of the benefits of CBD for muscle spasm, degenerative diseases, and neuropathic pain. And in general, all of these stories brought out feelings of sympathetic joy for the healing of others, a sense of awe and worship towards nature, plus a comforting sense confirming that the cannabis plant was really made for us as humans.      


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