Some of the most buzzworthy new developments in the world of cannabis lately have been: firstly, the invention of convenience-filled vaping products, and secondly, the various extractions from hemp and cannabis flower, chiefly, CBD isolate.

In order to quell my curiousity about both of the hottest canna-trends, I purchased a fun and handy little device.


The newest CBD product in my cannabis arsenal comes from Farmacy Victoria, and it is their very own: Liquid Gold 0.5mL THC Distillate Tank + ACDC Terpenes + 250mg CBD Isolate.

In order to describe the product, I will have to start by breaking down what all of those words actually mean. Firstly, Liquid Gold THC distillate is a form of concentrated THC. The THC is obtained by a procedure known as distillation, which basically entails evaporating the THC molecules from a heap of raw plant and decarboxylating them so they are ready to smoke or vape. After the Liquid Gold THC is extracted, terpenes from the CBD-rich strain ACDC, as well as pure CBD isolate, are added back into the oil. This finished product is then loaded into cartridges that can be screwed onto a 510 thread vape battery, and then this battery will heat up the product in order to transform the oil into vapor.

Read the full story here.


“Accordingly, my purchase of this CBD vape tank ignited a passion for uncovering more of the wonders of cannabidiol, all without even sparking a flame.” — Poetree —    

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