CBD – the next frontier for health and wellness?

CBD has received near-unanimous praise for its abilities to heal, nurture, and promote overall wellness. This comes following years of anti-cannabis propaganda and marginalization of cannabis-based products. However, CBD has always maintained an air of neutrality, given that even CBD extracted from cannabis (our products are extracted exclusively from Hemp) does not get you high.

That being said, the momentum is shifting and the social dialect around cannabis, hemp, and CBD in particular – is changing very rapidly.

Firstly, the USA considers CBD to be a Natural Health Product, meaning it can essentially be sold anywhere that NHPs are sold (gas stations, grocery stores, health food retailers). In addition to the United States’ position, Big Pharma has also delved into the world of cannabinoids – with their development of pharmaceutical product Epidolex (a synthetic CBD).

Health Canada released their “Proposed Approach to the Regulation of Cannabis” in November of 2017 which stated a clear recommendation to Canadians and the Federal Government that CBD be considered a Natural Health Product and for NPN (Natural Product Number) to be available for CBD based products.

Thrive Wellness is proud to offer hemp based CBD products designed for everyday wellness and inflammation. Thrive products are tested in a Health Canada-approved laboratory for quality and purity every time. Thrive products work to create organic restoration for the body and mind.