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Whats the best way to take CBD? Education

The best form of CBD consumption ultimately depends on your goals and why you are exploring CBD therapy to begin with. Individuals with nerve pain may find the oil absorbs quickly under the tongue, potentially providing time-sensitive relief of discomfort. Meanwhile those suffering from stiffness…

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CBD: The Next Frontier for Health & Wellness? Education, Health

CBD – the next frontier for health and wellness? CBD has received near-unanimous praise for its abilities to heal, nurture, and promote overall wellness. This comes following years of anti-cannabis propaganda and marginalization of cannabis-based products. However, CBD has always maintained an air of neutrality,…

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Vaping CBD Isolate Education, How To

Some of the most buzzworthy new developments in the world of cannabis lately have been: firstly, the invention of convenience-filled vaping products, and secondly, the various extractions from hemp and cannabis flower, chiefly, CBD isolate. In order to quell my curiousity about both of the…

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CBD As A Healer Education, Health

One of the first really wonderful stories I had heard about the healing powers of CBD was that of Charlotte Figi. After only about 3 months of life, it was discovered that Charlotte suffered from a rare form of epilepsy, one┬áthat even a heavy cocktail…

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What Is CBD? Education, Health

CBD is non-psychoactive (which means it will not get you “high”) and has been used for treatment and health for many years. Since CBD is derived from hemp it is legal in most places and is considered a natural health product. As for what it…

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